Pa Systems Sydney

Whenever you have an event to host, you need everything to run smoothly – including your sound. Don’t take a risk with the quality of your sound, no matter what your event! For professional, premium quality and affordable PA system hire in Sydney, choose Atomic Productions.

We supply a range of systems for Sydney PA hire, including Portable PA systems, Battery-powered PA systems, Band PA systems, and even PA sales and installations.

When you go with us for PA system hire in Sydney, you are guaranteed a focused, personalised professional service that delivers sound that is crystal clear with even coverage and well defined. Our systems avoid squealing feedback, harsh sounds, poorly defined bass, and difficult to understand speech. Instead, you will receive the very best sound available with our experienced sound engineers’ expertise.

We offer the following options:

PORTABLE PA SYSTEMS – A selection of three packages for PA hire in Sydney. Equipment is interchangeable between these to create the right combination for your specific needs.

BATTERY-POWERED PA SYSTEMS – These are easy to use, designed for gatherings such as weddings, sports carnivals, and community events where access to power is not available. These are available for pickup or delivery. We highly recommend that for weddings and similar occasions we operate this for you during the event to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

BAND PA SYSTEMS – A digital system for loud, clear sound. We offer two packages to suit community events, outdoor gigs, festival stages, functions and general band performances. We will work with you to deliver the sound you need for a great show.

 PA SALES AND INSTALLATIONS – Our vast experience in this industry positions us perfectly to recommend specific pieces of equipment. We can advise and guide you as to what you need to best meet your needs and your budget. We will locate and supply your chosen gear with a short turnaround time – with direct access to most major brands.

Browse our website further for more details about Sydney PA hire with Atomic Productions, or give us a call or drop us an email today to discuss your specific needs for PA hire in Sydney.