Microphone Hire Sydney

Microphones are an essential feature of any event where public speaking or singing is included. From awards ceremonies to weddings, trivia nights to conferences, band performances to recitals, and everything in between, clear amplification of the vice is crucial. For effective and affordable quality microphone hire in Sydney, choose Atomic Productions.

Wireless or radio microphones are highly convenient – they offer greater freedom of movement for the speaker or performer; they eliminate risks caused by microphone cabling, including trip hazards; and they also eliminate ground loops of the microphone with other electrical instruments.

Atomic Productions’ wireless microphone hire in Sydney will help you keep your presentation or performance unrestricted and hands-free. Our Microphone Systems are all Gov Compliant, and include handheld, headset, lapel and UHF systems.

We currently stock and hire out the following Radio Mics:

  • 8 x JTS Headsets or Handheld Full Touring System in rack RF Aerial Boost: $660
  • 4 x JTS 903 Full Pro Touring Systems in rack with Aerial Boost: $380
  • 2 x JTS 903 Full Pro Touring Systems in rack with Aerial Boost: $200
  • 1 x JTS 903 Full Pro Systems: $110


  • All Wireless Systems may be mixed and matched to suit your requirements, with Headsets or Handheld Mics.
  • All Prices shown are per 24 hour hire period. Weekly rates are @ 3-day hire price.
  • We can easily source any other products you require; simply contact us with the model number you prefer.
  • We offer a discount on listed Wireless Mic System prices if being hired alongside one of our PA Systems.
  • All prices quoted are for pick-up only and for a hire period of 24 hours.

Whatever your needs for microphone hire in Sydney, call or email us today to discuss how we can help you.


Pickup (Dry Hire) or Delivered/Operated

 We carry PA systems designed for live audio for film and TV. The speakers are generally a wedge-type monitor which we place on dollys for easy positioning changes, and they are run with long cables to stay out of frame.

Often we will supply Wireless Mics into these systems, so that the AD or second AD can "wrangle" the crowd or communicate in a live sense on set.

We pride ourselves on delivery of very clear sound, at high volumes when required, thus creating the right environment for music clips or crowd scenes. After all, it’s getting that great performance that creates a successful shoot!

As Always, we are happy to consult & design the right system for all jobs - so please contact us for a competitive quote on your Playback system.