Sound System Hire Sydney

Atomic Productions offers the very best in service and price for sound system hire in Sydney. If you are hosting any kind of event, large or small, you want things to be streamlined and to run smoothly. Be assured of the highest quality sound without hiccups when you hire sound system equipment from us.

With two decades of professional experience in the industry and specifically sound engineering, we are perfectly positioned to advise, guide, and supply the very best in audio equipment that is suited specifically to your unique and individual needs. From small backyard parties to weddings and other formal functions; from carnivals to festivals; from awards ceremonies to religious or community events, we cater to it all.

We supply a range of audio systems including sound system hire in Sydney. These include Portable and Battery-powered PA systems, Band PA systems, and we even provide PA sales and installations. You can pick-up and operate these systems yourself, or for an additional fee we can deliver and even operate the equipment for you at your event, guaranteeing smooth operations.

When you choose Atomic Productions for audio hire throughout the Sydney Metropolitan Area, you receive focused, professional, friendly and personalised service that delivers crystal clear sound with even coverage and high definition.

We offer the following options:

PORTABLE PA SYSTEMS – Choose from a selection of three packages – our equipment is interchangeable to create the right combination for your needs.

BATTERY-POWERED PA SYSTEMS – These are designed for gatherings including weddings and community events where access to power is not necessarily available. We suggest that for weddings and other formal occasions we operate this for you during the event.

 BAND PA SYSTEMS –We offer two digital system packages to suit community events, carnivals, outdoor gigs, festival stages, functions and other band performances. We will work with you to deliver the sound you need for a great show. working with you for the perfect result you seek. 

PA SALES AND INSTALLATIONS – Our vast experience in this industry positions us perfectly to recommend and source specific pieces of equipment.

Browse our website for more details about speaker system hire in Sydney with Atomic Productions. Alternatively, give us a call or an email and we’ll be delighted to help!