PA Sales & Installations

pa-salesLets Get it Right - Together! Need a specific piece of Pro Audio Equipment ? No Problem!

Having 20 years experience in PA Systems Sales means a lot when you're looking for a certain piece of gear.
Alternatively, you may not be sure which piece of equipment best suits your needs.

Either way, we can serve you well with advice to what will best fulfill your requirements, and using our vast range of sources, we can locate and supply, most brands within a small turnaround time.

We have direct access to most major brands - JUST ASK!

We are happy to factor in important considerations such as budget, quality, back up support, and performance specs.
In a market with MANY products to choose from, we believe its important to understand the differences between products, (particularly as some will appear and boast the same specs as others for half the price, Buyer BEWARE!).

Its best to know the product BEFORE YOU BUY, ensuring a purchase you are satisfied with. We are not in the business of recommending any unknown product just to make a sale!

We offer competitive pricing on the products we source & supply, but recognise that others may be able to supply cheaper at various times - NO Problem - If we have acted as a link between you and your final purchase, we trust that you will keep us in mind for future PA Systems Sales transactions.

So Please, Contact Us with any sales enquiries and speak with a real person!

PA Installations

Lets get it Right ! Design a System that YOU can Use!

Here at atomicpa we do things a little differently than some - we include YOU in the design process for your systems needs.
We believe in looking towards the finished system - first!

We ask, WHO? will be operating the system. Too many times we see & remove elaborate sound systems that have been installed with no consideration for the client / end users needs & abilities.

There's no point spending all that money & energy installing a system that needs a degree in sound engineering to operate, when the operator is a primary school teacher or student, or a person of faith in a place of worship.That's why we ask you to be involved in the process, enabling us to have a clear understanding of your, AND your systems' requirements.

BUDGET is also a critical factor in this process, and we are happy to supply the highest quality equipment possible, within the framework of your budget.

We are in regular contact with a wide range of audio product suppliers and sources, and have access to the equipment that will suit you best If we feel your budget is not realistic for the system you need, we will tell you and make every effort to work through it. We don't undersupply to budget constraints and then make excuses as to why you're not happy with the results!

Recent Clients include Rose Bay Secondary College , Bronte Public school , La Perouse Public School , Double Bay Public School

So with atomicpa, Design YOUR PA Installation & Get it Right!

Simply Contact Us for advice & pricing.

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