Stage Lighting Equipment Hire Sydney


Ambiance is everything at an event – it sets the mood, the atmosphere, and the overall tone for the experience. Lighting is a big part of this.

Atomic Productions, while heavily focused on sound and audio, also provides top quality and affordable stage lighting hire in Sydney. Our stage lighting range might be small, but it is very effective and it perfectly complements our audio services with appropriate LX.

Our stage lighting stock for hire features recently-added LED Par Cans and Panel 64s. These allow for up-lighting colour changes and fantastic lighting effects, all conveniently achievable with domestic power.

Though we don’t carry every type of stage and event light on the market, we do carry many popular products and, when the need arises, we are more than happy to cross-hire with one of our premium quality lighting suppliers. This ensures the desired end result in ambiance and complete client satisfaction.

As well as stage and event lighting, we carry a range of Black Drapes and White Drapes with steel and aluminium rigging to suit. These are available in four-metre sections and are most useful in dressing rooms.


  • 1 16 X PAR 56 300watt medium flood light
  • 8 x Flat Panel 64 LED
  • 8 x LED PAR 64
  • 12 x LED PAR 56
  • 4 x Shimmer-type Disco FX
  • 1 x Onyx large Disco effect
  • 6 x Moonflower-type Disco effects
  • 1 x 1.2k Follow Spot
  • 2 x Pacific 650watt profiles
  • 1 Jands 4 pack Dimmer
  • 2 x Martin Waterfall effects
  • 2 x 4 metre sections of Black Draping
  • 2 x 4 metre sections of White Draping
  • 6 x Push up trees with T-Bars
  • Range of aluminium truss + poles to suit
  • Range of Large Black Fabrics (great for hiding unwanted or unsightly items at venues)

Call or email us at Atomic Productions for stage lighting hire in Sydney. We will be delighted to discuss your specific requirements and we will supply or source the right equipment to make sure your even looks dynamic and appealing!

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